What is Musical Minis@home?

Musical Minis is a fun time music group for babies and toddlers. The concept was developed over 30 years ago since when ten’s of thousands of children up to 5 years having enjoyed our classes. Usually this is classed based with the aim of using traditional and new action songs, storytelling, instruments and nursery rhymes to stimulate development.

How can I watch a Musical Minis@home session?

Once you have registered and paid for a specific session, we will send you an email containing a link and unique password that will give you access to the session on the day advertised. If the email hasn’t arrived please check you spam or junk folder. The session will be available from the time specified for a period of two hours. We recommend that the session is viewed on a larger screen (e.g. computer, laptop or, if you can a TV) but can be viewed on an iPad or mobile phone.

What can I expect from the session?

Each session will contain action songs, musical stops, a short banging or shaking song, a story and nursery rhymes. Every session finishes with the Hokey Cokey for a fun and vigorous finale.

Why haven’t you just recorded a normal class?

Classes normally last 45 minutes, which is fine when there is obvious interaction. We believe it is far more difficult to hold a young child’s attention for this period when they have only a screen to look at. It is also impractical to have our usual array of instruments available in the home.

Why are there multiple online class leaders?

In common with most franchises, Musical Minis offers exclusive territories. The online world does not work well with this concept so instead of each franchisee operating their own online classes, in an act of collaboration those franchisees who were able, have each contributed to a central online offering. You will see that they all having something special to offer in the way that they deliver a class. If you usually attend Musical Minis classes and your regular class leader is running one of our online classes you may wish to join their sessions.

Why are you doing this as a video rather than live?

Whilst the sessions are not too long we recognise that there might be interruptions that mean you have not been able to enjoy a full session. Whilst we are releasing the videos into a time window, there is more than enough time if you join late or need to pause because of an unexpected interruption.

Why are you charging for this?

Musical Minis is a micro business, doing all it can to support its franchisees during this very challenging time. Our franchisees operate even smaller businesses and whilst they could make a self employment claim from the Government the amounts available cannot sustain them over a prolonged period. Musical Minis has been happy to outlay the costs involved in going online to help its franchisees generate some income. We believe the amount we are asking is individually modest but can collectively make a difference to the franchise network.

Do I have to pay per child?

The session price is per household so the answer is no.

Can I book a block of online classes?

We would rather not take money up front as we would not wish you to be disappointed should you then be unable to view the video at the allotted time. Booking one session at a time gives you flexibility.

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Musical Minis Online

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